Friday, 23 May 2008

How To Give Head: He’s About To Blow! Tutorial Part 3

So your man’s ready to come, now what? Do you let him come in your mouth or do you finish him off with a hand-job. Both are fine, but if you really want the truth, most guys (if not all) would rather come in your mouth.

There are several reasons for this, firstly it’s a huge turn on, secondly it feels absolutely amazing and thirdly your man would feel offended if you didn’t. It’s also a bit of a mood killer. To finish him off with a hand-job seems almost lazy, like getting just before the finish line and taking a break.

There are many reasons why women refuse to swallow a man’s come, but really what’s the worse that can happen? In most cases there might be a slight funky taste in your mouth or it just feels slimy and yucky, but wash it down with some juice or water and you’ll be as right as rain. Trust me, he will love you even more for it.

The secret is to get ready to swallow his load quickly so that as soon as he ejaculates you’re read to swallow every last drop without barely tasting or feeling a thing. Make sure there’s a little saliva in your mouth to help wash it down, and when he comes just gulp it down as soon as it hits the back of the mouth.

If you really can’t stand the thought of swallowing his load, then you can finish him off with a hand-job. There are a few things that you must and mustn’t do. You should not break the rhythm; when he’s about to ejaculate the transition from blowjob to hand-job should be smooth as butter. Make sure his penis is covered with your saliva so you can stroke his penis without tugging it.

As you pull out, you should begin stroking his penis vigorously. Focus on the head of the penis, the more friction you can apply there, the better (note: friction, not pressure). Don’t stop until he’s fully ejaculated and when his moans begin dying down, just give his penis a few gentle strokes. It might be a little messy, so you may want to put your over hand just over his penis (without touching it) to stop his fluid from flying everywhere.

I do recommend that you try swallowing at least a few times to get used to it and I guarantee that your man will enjoy the blowjob a lot more. In the next post, I’ll explain how you can really turn the heat up and give your man the best head of his life.