Friday, 23 May 2008

How To Give Head: He’s About To Blow! Tutorial Part 3

So your man’s ready to come, now what? Do you let him come in your mouth or do you finish him off with a hand-job. Both are fine, but if you really want the truth, most guys (if not all) would rather come in your mouth.

There are several reasons for this, firstly it’s a huge turn on, secondly it feels absolutely amazing and thirdly your man would feel offended if you didn’t. It’s also a bit of a mood killer. To finish him off with a hand-job seems almost lazy, like getting just before the finish line and taking a break.

There are many reasons why women refuse to swallow a man’s come, but really what’s the worse that can happen? In most cases there might be a slight funky taste in your mouth or it just feels slimy and yucky, but wash it down with some juice or water and you’ll be as right as rain. Trust me, he will love you even more for it.

The secret is to get ready to swallow his load quickly so that as soon as he ejaculates you’re read to swallow every last drop without barely tasting or feeling a thing. Make sure there’s a little saliva in your mouth to help wash it down, and when he comes just gulp it down as soon as it hits the back of the mouth.

If you really can’t stand the thought of swallowing his load, then you can finish him off with a hand-job. There are a few things that you must and mustn’t do. You should not break the rhythm; when he’s about to ejaculate the transition from blowjob to hand-job should be smooth as butter. Make sure his penis is covered with your saliva so you can stroke his penis without tugging it.

As you pull out, you should begin stroking his penis vigorously. Focus on the head of the penis, the more friction you can apply there, the better (note: friction, not pressure). Don’t stop until he’s fully ejaculated and when his moans begin dying down, just give his penis a few gentle strokes. It might be a little messy, so you may want to put your over hand just over his penis (without touching it) to stop his fluid from flying everywhere.

I do recommend that you try swallowing at least a few times to get used to it and I guarantee that your man will enjoy the blowjob a lot more. In the next post, I’ll explain how you can really turn the heat up and give your man the best head of his life.

How To Give Head: The Mechanics To Giving Great Head: Part 2

So you’re ready to give your man the best time of his life, but before you run in head first (no pun intended) and make a blunder, let me just explain the basics of how to give a blowjob so that you can at least satisfy your man. Believe it or not it’s really not that hard, yet time and time again it gets done badly, really badly.

This may sound rather shallow, but I’ve known guys who break-up with their girlfriends because they’re rubbish at giving head. Trust me, a man will do anything for you if you can give amazing, earth-shattering head. Just watch. After this tutorial you’ll know the basics of how to give head, but this is really just the beginning.

Ok, so lets get down to business. Your man’s penis is a rather sensitive creature, you can easily sexually arouse your partner just by gently stroking and caressing his penis, but that alone won’t make him come. It’s always best to start a little slow to warm him up (unless his manhood is already firm). There are lots of ways to make your man get a hard-on, but we’ll delve into more of that later in part 3.

If you’re man’s penis is a little soft, just start slow by caressing and stroking his penis from the base to the tip. You can also try kissing his penis and licking it up and down the shaft with your tongue. Just lick from the base up to the tip and back down a few times. When he’s a harder, you might want to be a little firmer with your touch.

You don’t want to squeeze the life of the little guy, so be careful. Stroke his penis up and down with your free hand and start licking the shaft and tip of the penis. If he has a foreskin, gently ease this down and roll your tongue around the tip and ridge of the penis. At the same time you can stroke his penis up and down with your free hand.

He should be pretty hard right now, so it’s time to turn up the heat. Now, there are a few common blunders that women make which I’d like to share with you when giving head. Firstly, they don’t add variety, simply going up and down on your man’s penis the whole time, isn’t very exciting.

Secondly, pressure is a big factor, suck too soft and you’ll lose him, suck too hard and he’ll be in pain. Don’t get me wrong, some guys like to have their penis’s sucked really hard. It’s really down to preference, but the amount of pressure you apply is important.

You want to get your lips around the head of his penis and begin going up and down. Think of a penis entering a woman’s vagina, you basically want to mimic the same action. A little saliva helps, so perhaps it’s a good idea to have a quick sip of water before you start.

Now, you want to suck his penis with a little more pressure, working up and down, making sure that your lips make contact with the ridge of the penis when you come up (this is one of the most sensitive parts of the penis).

It’s not necessary to stroke his penis with your hand, but it’s great for adding variety. Combining a hand-job and blowjob is a great sensation. Experiment and play around, you’ll know if he likes it.

Use lots of tongue, this is one of your most powerful tools you can use to deliver the most mind-blowing head. When you’ve got your lips wrapped around his penis, swish your tongue around the ridge of his penis, lick the back and front, be a little spontaneous, this will drive him wild.

Variety is key, so switch your technique, but avoid changing your technique too much when you’ve got a great thing going. Believe me, you will know when a guy likes it. Guys rarely fake moans or orgasms. So pay attention to this.

More on observation later, but for now, it’s important to add a little variety to keep things exciting, after all you don’t want to be whipping a dead horse for an hour and still not make him come.

Once you’re on a roll, don’t stop. Really, this is a big mood killer; stopping mid-way when he’s fully aroused and sexually fired up is a big no-no. Always keep something going.

Use your lips, your tongue, and your hands. Break up the routine a little by licking up and down his shaft (back and front), roll your tongue around the ridge of his penis a few times, lick the tip, change the suction pressure, go deep and as far as you feel comfortable without gagging, rub your lips all over his penis, but always return to the ridge and tip.

When his penis is fully lubed with you saliva, you will be able to stroke his penis very easily. Stroke his penis right to the tip and then stroke it back down, adding a corkscrew action will have your man gagging for more.

Spontaneity is good, really good, but always return to the head of the penis, sucking it from the tip to as far as you feel comfortable. Feel free to lick, suck or stroke his balls, as some guys really enjoy this, but the main focus is always the head of the penis as this is the most sensitive part.

In the next tutorial I’ll explain what to do when a man comes and how to turn you into his ultimate fantasy, so that he’ll be on his knees begging for more.

How To Give Head: Tutorial Part 1:

There’s no better person to tell you how to give head than an average guy like me who just loves getting head. Of course, every guy loves getting head, but take it from me, there is plain boring head and then there’s earth shattering, pure ecstasy head.

The problem is, most guys feel too embarrassed to tell their partners how they really like getting head, which means you could be giving the worst head your man has ever experienced. Believe me, receiving boring head is about as much fun as train-spotting (no offence to train spotters).

A bad blowjob can be a real mood killer and turn your night of fun into a night you’d both rather forget. What’s more you’ll be down there a long time since he’s not sexually excited (more on that later). If a man went down on you and just lapped away without a clue as to what he was doing, you’d probably be bored out of your wits too. Anyway, you get the picture.

It’s true that a lot of men are terrible when it comes to going down on a woman, but believe it or not there is an art-form and a little science to giving great head too. I personally am a genius when it comes to cunnilingus, and I don’t know why men struggle with the task of giving a woman an orgasm this way.

You might be thinking there’s not a lot to work out, but believe me there is. Most of it’s just down to practice and observation, but a lot of it has to do with preparation. You have to remember that the penis your sucking is attached to your man, by that I mean you should be giving him attention up there too, to really blow his socks off.

You don’t simply go down on him and suck away, you have to make a mental connection as well as a physical one. But before we get into the psychological aspect of how to give great head, we must learn to walk before we can run. So check out part 2 of this blowjob tutorial in the next post.